Saturday, October 24, 2015

Identify & Avoid Property Scams

3 Red Flags to Help You Spot Property Scams:

Identify & Avoid Property Scams

An unusually attractive offer should make you extra cautious and prompt you to cross-check details. Here are three red flags you should watch out for before putting in your money.

Red Flag 1 : Sounds Too Good to be True -

An inherent characteristic of a scam is that it will promise unreal returns or “exciting” offers. Instead of getting excited about it, become extra careful.

Red Flat 2 : Builder is in a Tearing Hurry -

Is your builder in a hurry to close the deal? A developer or builder who has intentions to cheat will show an urgency to sell the property and will encourage you to make the down payment right away.

Red Flag 3 : No Clarity on Documentation -

In a genuine transaction, you will have to sign a set of documents, including title deeds, agreement of sale and so on to legitimatize the deal. Fraudsters, however, will urge you to go ahead and send them the money without signing any paperwork.

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  1. "I agree a lone client can’t take such stand against the builders wrong doings as the builder says book it the way I am giving or get lost; but then it’s better to get lost with such builders as when every single client will do that then only real estate will get rid of such attitude builders! Remember fight against corruption or say against every bad practice in real estate isn’t just fight of one community named builder, it’s of entire society; rather its of builders, clients & even people in the govt too; we all jointly only can win this fight. And if we won then only good people will remain in this industry & there only exists the hope for every common man’s dream of owning a home coming true!'

    Frds do read my views about fight of builders against corruption on link below & share if liked..

  2. dada one thing i never understand, why people book flat when there is no transparency in the documents?